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   Buy Laminine (Retail) $43.00 Plus $2.95 S&H  $45.95
Family Pack of 10 for $387 Plus $20.95 S&H $407.95
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 3 Pack ($8.95 S&H) $107.95  
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LPGN Compensation Plan and the enhancements they will be implementing on March 1, 2014

Weekly Earning Opportunities

• Retail Profit
• Fast Start Bonus
• Break Even Bonus
• Matrix Bonus
• Matrix Match Bonus
• Coded Bonus
• Coded Match Bonus

Monthly Earning Opportunities

• Leadership Match Bonus
• Global Bonus Pool

There is no personal purchase of product necessary to be an LPGN IBO.
Start your OWN LPGN business by purchasing the $29.95 Business Success Starter Kit* receive:
• Your own Replicated LPGN Website
• LPGN IBO Virtual Office to manage your LPGN Business
• 90-Day subscription to the LPGN VIP Training

Print out a PDF of LifePharm Globals Opportunity

Listen to the details on the enhancements
Summary of the details of LPGN comp plan


Some of the cool stuff I've earned!

Great income opportunity if your looking for extra cash. Since joining, I've earned a HDTV, Mac notebook, 5 day cruise, a 12,000 car bonus (they let me split between two cars so both my teens got cars) ,cash bonuses plus more. This has been fun!

12,000 car bonus
they let me split between two cars so both my teens got cars!

Plus a $5000.00 cash bonus



Thank you Lifepharm for this amazing product Laminine!

Print out a PDF of LifePharm Globals opportunity


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